The first ever #ReproPOWER chat took place on August 26th 2015 ? Women?s Equality Day.? It was a fast-paced chat with participants from all around the country.? It was empowering and inspiring to hear about all the advocacy efforts going on to support women?s reproductive health, family building options and HIV prevention.

Our topics included a spectrum of what constitutes reproductive and sexual health power for women. We talked about safer sex practices, Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), living well with/without HIV, safer conception options for women with HIV+ partners, abortion access, condom negotiation, getting tested, female condom use, and family building through adoption/surrogacy.

I was honored to have a part in the beginning of the #ReproPOWER community and humbled by the fierce folks that participated!

Check out the Storify to view the whole amazing conversation!

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Yamini Oseguera-Bhatnagar is the POWER Health Coordinator at HIVE.

She is wifey to Juan and mama to Gayatri and Kabir. She and her family live in San Francisco, with?Chutki, their 6 year old pit-bull.
Yamini is an advocate for Ethnic Studies, PLWHIV, women?s reproductive rights, and self-determination for all.