Lynsay MacLaren, PA, MPH, of Whitman-Walker talks with HIVE’s Shannon Weber about the innovative PrEP program at Whitman Walker in Washington, D.C. Whitman Walker has been offering PrEP since it’s approval by the FDA in 2012.



Megan Coleman, NP, of Whitman-Walker talks with HIVE’s Shannon Weber about taking a sexual history of a patient, and what that process looks like when she does it. Megan says,

“I understand feeling uncomfortable, because I was very uncomfortable when I started [taking sexual histories]. But just having this list of questions made it easier in my head, and asking EVERYONE makes it easier. There’s no misconceptions about anybody. I start out by telling every patient that walks in the site that I ask the same questions of everyone that comes in.”



Justin Arnold, PA, the highest volume PrEP provider at Whitman-Walker, talks with Shannon Weber about his recommendations for providers interested in prescribing PrEP. He says, “patients probably aren’t telling me their real practices of having sex,” and discusses how to have patients decide for themselves if they think they should be on PrEP.