Erin Wilson, Senior Research Scientist, Center for Public Health Research, San Francisco Department of Public Health, talks with HIVE’s Shannon Weber about transgender women who live in San Francisco and PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis, a once a day pill to prevent HIV). An estimated 1,500 trans women live in San Francisco, and an estimated 40% of them are living with HIV. Trans women are disproportionately affected by the epidemic.



Dr. Wilson discusses the findings from the behavioral surveillance TEACH study, the SHINE study (also visit their Facebook page), and three PrEP focus groups.

“People [adult trans women who were studied] were not concerned about affordability, I think they probably access care in various places, but what they were concerned about are things that everyone else is worried about: about taking daily HIV medications, and whether they can actually implement that in their lives. They’re really worried about HIV stigma and about partners seeing them with an HIV pill…”

Dr. Wilson touches on how lack of basic health ed knowledge contributes to youth not considering themselves at risk, and says that in 2013, “virtually no one [out of the adult population studied] had heard of PrEP.” Therefore, “Anywhere trans health care is being provided, folks should be offering PrEP.” To read more about the 2013 TEACH study, check out this PLOS ONE research article. Dr. Wilson & Shannon discuss how the CDC recommendations apply to trans women.

Shannon shares something that she learned from Dr. Wilson,

“Since we don’t know where [trans women] are acquiring or being exposed to HIV, nothing’s being provided to those partners for HIV prevention, that it really is on us, as individuals in the community, to show up for trans women and offer them choices that will work for them and will give them more control.”


Below are Dr. Wilson’s slides from her PrEP Analyses with Trans*Female Youth &
Trans Women: