HuffPo: Transmasculinity: Sexual Health & HIV Prevention

The HIV justice movement has radical roots. Advocacy, activism and sexual rights birthed this movement that was once about how larger structural systems affect people?s lives and sometimes, lead to their death. Today, on the other hand, transphobia, misogyny, racism and anti-blackness are well and alive within the world of HIV treatment and prevention. This has resulted in marginalized communities (African Americans, Latinos, trans women, cis and trans men who have sex with men/MSM) experiencing high rates of HIV.

HuffPo: Ending AIDS: Frameworks for Getting to Zero

Three existing initiatives, New York State?s End AIDS NY 2020, Washington State?s End AIDS Washington, and the City of San Francisco?s Getting to Zero SF, gathered in conversation to discuss similarities and differences in their approaches as well as spark dialogue with other jurisdictions contemplating their own initiatives. Here is some of what was discovered.