PrEP for Women

Welcome! This page contains resources created by PrEP for women advocates nationwide. To view the resources that are specifically for trans women, please visit New resources will be added as they become available. Have suggestions for resources? Let us know! Email Yamini:

Resources for You

Printable Information on PrEP & Web Resources

  1. Is PrEP Right for Me? (download/printable brochure) by HIV
  2. Preventing HIV During Pregnancy/Breastfeeding: Using PrEP and/or PEP (download/printable brochure) by HIVE
  3. A New Option for Women for Safer Loving (download/printable brochure) by Project Inform
  4. #20DaysToStart: Enhancing Women’s Health, Preventing HIV with a Daily Pill (videos) by Project Inform
  5. PrEP for Women Fact Sheets (webpage) by The Well Project
  6. (webpage)
  7. PrEP: Woman-Controlled HIV Prevention palm card by HIVE
  8. PrEP for Sex

For Transwomen

1. PrEP for Transwomen: A collection of resources (webpage)

En Español

  1. Folleto informativo Sobre PrEP de Project Inform: Una nueva opción para que las mujeres amen de manera más segura
  2. ¿Es la PrEP adecuada para mi? De HIVE
  3. Mujeres, PrEP y salud sexual de Project Inform
  4. PrEP Para Mujeres de The Well Project

Social Media/Community Building

Training Resources

  1. National CBA Provider Network (free technical assistance)

Advocacy Resources

  1. Facebook Group: PrEP Facts: Women’s Sexuality & HIV Prevention
  2. HIVE’s Resources for PrEP Implementation
  3. HIVE ::Hangouts with HIVE::
  4. National Female Condom Coalition
  5. PrEP Watch: A Clearinghouse for PrEP Information
  6. PrEP Access Advocates: Listserv of PrEP Advocates from around the U.S. To join, email



In the Media

  1. The Body: Celebrating HIV Prevention Choices for Women and Receptive Sex Partners of All Genders by Anna Forbes
  2. Poz: There’s Never Been a Better Time to Get Pregnant If One of You Has HIV by Ben Ryan
  3. Huffington Post: Trusting Women, Shared Decision-Making & The Possibility Of PrEP by Shannon Weber & Dr. Dominika Seidman
  4. Huffington Post: PrEP For Her: Bringing Women Into The HIV Prevention Conversation by Mehroz Baig
  5. Huffington Post: Uptake of PrEP Among U.S. Women: Knowledge Is Power by Shannon Weber, Anna Forbes & the U.S. Women & PrEP Working group
  6. Women’s Health Mag: There’s a Drug That Prevents HIV—So Why Don’t More Women Know About It? By Kristina Marusic
  7. Huffington Post: Making PrEP Possible for Women by Shannon Weber, Jessica Terlikowski & Dr. Dominika Seidman
  8. Black Lives Matter: What’s PrEP Got to Do with It?  by the Black AIDS Institute

This is not an exhaustive list.