This Hangout took place on January 19th, 2017.

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The panel included:

Claire Simeone, Opiate Treatment Outpatient Program

Dr. Deborah Borne, San Francisco Department of Public Health / Homeless Outreach Team

Dr. Dominika Seidman, UCSF / Zuckerberg San Francisco General

Jennifer Sarchet, Planned Parenthood Northern California

Miranda Nordell, San Francisco Health Network / Ward 86

Shannon Weber, HIVE /

Moderated by Yamini Oseguera-Bhatnagar, HIVE


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Here is a list of resources put together by the panelists for further information:

Tools from HIVE:

    1. HIVE?s Women & PrEP Resource Page
    2. ?s palm card for women
    3. HIVE?s Blog
    4. Resources for HIV- Women on
    5. Resources for Providers on

Resource websites:

    1. National Health Care for the Homeless Council
    2. Coldspring Center for Social & Health Innovation
    3. SAMHSA
    4. The Center for Social Innovation

Guidelines relevant to People Who Inject Drugs

    1. Choopanya,K, Martin,M, Suntharasamai,P, et al. Antiretroviral prophylaxis for HIV infection in injecting drug users in Bangkok, Thailand (the Bangkok Tenofovir Study): a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase 3 trial. ?Lancet. ?2013; 381(9883), 2083-2090.
    2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for the Prevention of HIV Infection in the United States ? 2014: A Clinical Practice Guideline. U.S. Public Health Service, Department of Health and Human Services. 2015.

Implementation perspectives and research:

    1. Edelman EJ, Fiellan DA. ?Moving HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis into clinical settings: Lessons from buprenorphine. ?Am J Prev Med. 2013; 44(1S2): S86-S90.
    2. Escudero D, Kerr T, Wood E, et al. Acceptability of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among people who inject drugs (PWID) in a Canadian setting. ?AIDS Behav. 2015; 19(5): 752-757.
    3. Guise, A, Albers ER, Strathdee SA. ?PrEP is not ready for our community and our community is not ready for PrEP?: pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV for people who inject drugs and limits to the HIV prevention response. ?Addiction. 2016; doi: 10.1111. Add.13437.
    4. Kuo I. Olsen H, Patrick R, et al. Willingness to use HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis among community-recruited, older people who inject drugs in Washington, DC. ?Drug Alc Dependence. 2016; 164:8-13.
    5. Spector AY, Remein RH, Tross S. PrEP in substance abuse treatment: A qualitative study of treatment provider perspectives. ?Subst Ab Treat, Prev and Pol. 2015; 10:1.
    6. Stein M, Thurmond P, Bailey G. ?Willingness to use HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis among opiate users. ?AIDS Behav. ?2014; 18(9): 1694-1700.

Epidemiological background:

  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. HIV Infection, Risk, Prevention, and Testing Behaviors among Persons Who Inject Drugs?National HIV Behavioral Surveillance: Injection Drug Use, 20 U.S. Cities, 2012. HIV Surveillance Special Report 11. Revised edition. Published August 2015. Accessed 11.20.16

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