This Hangout took place on October 31, 2016 from 9-10AM PT/ 12?1PM ET.

Panelists Included:

  • Abigail Caldwell, Planned Parenthood Southern New England
  • Alissa Perrucci, ZSFG Women’s Option Center
  • Brenda Wolfe, Planned Parenthood of Illinois
  • Chelsea Iwamoto, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte
  • Lisa Stern, Planned Parenthood Nor-Cal
  • Nika Seidman, SF New Generation Health Center
  • Shannon Weber, HIVE

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Here is a list of resources put together by the panelists for further information and tools:

HIVE?s Collection of Resources webpage on PrEP for Women

Tools for your patients:

Capacity Building Assistance:

  • Provider Network
  • Pacific AETC: for those in California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawai’i and the Six U.S.-Affiliated Pacific Jurisdictions

Tools for Clinicians:

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