Ken Almanza discusses his role as a PrEP navigator at APLA Health & Wellness’s Gleicher/Chen Health Center, a federally qualified health center that has great wraparound services, with HIVE’s Shannon Weber. Ken talks about the three pillars, or roles, of APLA Health & Wellness’s PrEP navigation program:

  1. Assessing HIV risk
  2. Dealing with insurance and access issues
  3. Explaining what PrEP is, and how the services will be delivered at APLA

Ken says,

“If they’re requesting it [PrEP], I praise that person, because they’re trying to do something about their health… Be humorous… be willing to just go there. We’re dealing with such a unique community, we have to understand that we have sex a certain way, we go to certain events like Folsom [Street Fair], we go to bathhouses. There’s people who are in the adult film business… just loosen up, talk about it how the patient talks about it… Leave your own bias, your own judgement, outside.”