Professor David Glidden, of the Epidemiology & Biostatistics department at UCSF, talks with HIVE’s Shannon Weber about inclusive language, pharmacology, and what we’re learning about PrEP now that we know it works. Dr. Glidden talks about how, “it’s exciting to move from ‘does it work?’ to understanding a bit more about how [PrEP] works under different circumstances.” He discusses the language he used in his talk (available to watch below), “Using a term like ‘men who have sex with men’ incorporates a broader population to some people than it does to others.” Shannon calls his language, “so specific and so inclusive at the same time.” Dr. Glidden tells us that, “I talked about route of exposure… rectally exposed, vaginally exposed, and penilly exposed individuals.”




Watch Dr. Glidden’s IAS2015 talk on “Starting and Stopping PrEP: Lessons From Pharmacology”: