This Hangout took place on November 21st, 2016.

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The panel included:

Adriana Andaluz, NYC Health Department/#PlaySure Campaign

Alan McCord, Project Inform

Bradford Briggs, AIDS Project New Haven/PrEPNav

Caroline Watson, HIVE/Share your Story Campaign #WheresMyPrEP

Courtney Boyce, Octane Public Relations/ #PrEPforHer

Jim Pickett, AIDS Foundation of Chicago/ #PrEP4Love

Kate Collier, Planned Parenthood NYC/Project Street Beat

Shannon Weber,

Trina Scott, Greater Than AIDS, Empowered Campaign

And was moderated by Yamini Oseguera-Bhatnagar, HIVE

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Here is a list of resources put together by the panelists for further information and tools:


Media articles:

Social Media & websites

Campaign / Web Development Resources:

PrEP and PEP Informational Resources

    1. HIVE?s Women & PrEP Resource Page
    2. Project Inform?s Women & PrEP booklet
    3. Project Inform?s Point-of-care card
    4. Project Informa?s Get PrEP flow chart
    5. NYC?s information on PrEP
    6. NYC?s PrEP and PEP locator resources
    7.’s Women?s Resources Page
    8.’s palm card for women

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