PrEP for U.S. Trans Women

A collection of resources

Welcome! This page was curated by the Transgender Women & PrEP Affinity Group of the US Women & PrEP Working Group

The content on this page was last updated: September 2016
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PrEP Media Materials for Transgender Women

– The Human Rights Campaign Foundation and Whitman-Walker Health. Safer Sex for Trans Bodies, a comprehensive sexual health guide for transgender and gender expansive people and their partners.

– Project Inform. This short video was created to help raise awareness about PrEP, or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, by and for transgender women. Congratulations to Director (and Transwomen & PrEP Affinity Group member) Tobi Hill-Meyer! ?Transgender Women and Sexual Health

– Project Inform. ?Transwomen-focused PrEP brochure: ?Transcending Barriers for Safer Pleasure? Order form for PrEP booklets | Project Inform

County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health. This campaign has a transgender woman super hero! ?#?getPrEPLA

– AIDS Foundation Chicago. PrEP4Love. One Pill. Once a Day. Protect Against HIV.

– Greater than AIDS. Empowered: Trans Women & HIV is a campaign from Greater Than AIDS to bring more understanding of the issues faced by transgender women in relation to HIV risk, prevention and care, including PrEP.

PrEP Policy and Clinical Research: Transgender Women

?- July, 2016: JAIDS. HIV Prevention for Transgender Populations. A special supplement to JAIDS: Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes presents multiple articles with essential information to meet the challenges of HIV prevention in the transgender population.

?- January, 2016: Jae M. Sevelius, JoAnne Keatley, Nikki Calma & Emily Arnold. ?I am not a man?: Trans-specific barriers and facilitators to PrEP acceptability among transgender women, Global Public Health, DOI: 10.1080/17441692.2016.1154085

?- December, 2015: ?Samantha Marquez and Sean Cahill. Transgender Women and Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis: What We Know and What We Still Need to Know | TARGET Center Issue brief from the National Center for Innovation in HIV Care.

Trans-Competent Care

?- 2016: National LGBT Health Education Center, A Program of the Fenway Institute. Transgender Health. This site provides links to resources, webinars, learning modules, online training, and publications.

?- July, 2016:. Megan C. McNamara and Henry Ng. Best practices in LGBT care: A guide for primary care physicians. Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine, 83(7).

?- April, 2016: United Nations Development Programme, IRGT: A Global Network of Trans Women and HIV, United Nations Population Fund, UCSF Center of Excellence for Transgender Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, World Health Organization, Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, United States Agency for International Development, United States President?s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. The TRANSIT: Implementing Comprehensive HIV and STI Programmes with Transgender People An implementation tool containing practical advice on implementing HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) programmes with transgender people, including PrEP programs and trans-competent health care.

?- February, 2016: Tonia C. Poteat. CROI 2016 Plenary talk: HIV in Transgender Populations: Charted and Uncharted Waters. A path for moving forward.

?- October, 2015: Linkages across the Continuum of HIV Services for Key Populations Affected by HIV (LINKAGES) Project by FHI360. ?Rights in Action: Transgender Health and HIV.?This brief provides programmers and policymakers with a framework to understand the risks faced by the trans community and describes concrete steps that can be taken to reduce the burden of HIV and protect the rights of trans people around the world.

?- July, 2015: World Health Organization. Policy Brief: Transgender People and HIV. This technical brief highlights WHO recommendations on HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment care and needs of transgender people.