NURX is a San Francisco-based service that provides birth control and PrEP delivered to your door.
Founders Hans Gangeskar and Eddie Engesæth, MD, answer FAQs:

  • How do you pronounce NURX?
  • Where are they based and who do they serve?
  • What forms of insurance are accepted?
  • What labs are required to get a PrEP prescription?
  • How do clients obtain their required labs?
  • How about obtaining ongoing labs?
  • Are ongoing labs required?
  • How does NURX work with the client’s primary care physician?
  • Does NURX provide adherence support?
  • What consulting has NURX done about trans inclusion?

Check out this blog to learn more about NURX.



Sheldon Kilpack is a student at Lick-Wilmerding High School, bringing a youth perspective on PrEP implementation to HIVE and He loves his mom (Shannon Weber/HIVE director) not just because he has learned all about HIV and sexual health. Sheldon is a maker and wry observer of the obvious.