Media Style Guide

We love it when you share our stuff! Please give us credit, and use this style guide (where appropriate) when you do.

The HIVE logo always needs at least 1/8 inches around all sides, clear of any other graphics.

The colors cannot be altered, and if placed on a solid color background, should be reversed to white, unless on black. See examples in style guide.

Font: Arial Rounded MT Bold

For online use when Arial Rounded MT Bold is not available, use Nunito Bold.


Orange =?C 0% M 44.64% Y 77.65% K 0% web safe #F99E4E

Magenta = C 5.95% M 89.72% Y 47.32% K 0.08% web safe #E14161

Dark Red = C 41.51% M 66.37% Y 47.61% K 15.88% web safe #996666

These colors are the primary colors to use for communications. The secondary colors can be used to enhance design, or as accent colors.