Ken Almanza, a PrEP navigator at APLA Health & Wellness’s Gleicher/Chen Health Center, gives HIVE’s Shannon Weber “Ken tips” about PrEP navigation and working with communities of color. Ken was one of the first PrEP navigators and is a PrEP user himself.

On conversations with his clients, Ken says,

“You’re talking about, you know, butt sex! You’re talking about cum, you’re talking about bathhouses, you’re talking about fetishes!”

Ken discusses growing up as a Mexican-American, how perceptions of the health care system differ for communities of color, and how he relates to his clients.

Below are some of his tips:

Ask clients, “Do you have sex with men, women, or both?”

“If the client comes in and they’re open, and they’re talking about sex with you, go along with it.”

Ask, “What do you think your risk for HIV is?”

If patients seem guarded, “I self disclose. I tell them I’ve been on PrEP for two and a half years.”

“You have to be versatile, sometimes.”