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Shannon Weber presenting on PRO Men???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Dr. David Bangsberg opening the session.

Photo credits: Shannon Weber

On Sunday, July 19, 2015, in Vancouver, Canada, the IAS 2015 Satellite on “Achieving Pregnancy While Minimizing HIV Transmission Risks.” Angela Kaida, Lynn T. Matthews, Renee Heffron, David Bangsberg, and Manjulaa Narasimhan were the amazing conveners. We were also joined on the web by 20 of our colleagues from around the world, including colleagues in South Africa. There were two women living with HIV who shared their stories about having babies safely. I shared the PRO Men experience, and I was also on a panel about provider experiences. The room was packed with people from all over the world. The audience were asking great questions with a commitment to a broader dialogue around family planning and safer conception being available for couples.

There was an intention set at the end of the meeting that we would create a global effort to keep this conversation going.

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By Shannon Weber as told to Caroline Watson

Shannon Weber is HIVE?s director, founder of, a frequent love note writer, and mom to three teens.