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Family planning providers’ role in offering PrEP to women.

Family planning clinics provide key access points for many women to learn about and obtain PrEP. By incorporating PrEP services into family planning care, family planning providers have the opportunity to meet women’s expectations, ensure women are aware of and offered comprehensive HIV prevention options, and reverse emerging disparities in PrEP access.

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A&U: PrEP Champions

In a Rare Series of Candid Conversations, Three Women of Color Open Up About Their Decisions to Take PrEP, the Challenges They Faced Along the Way, and the Impact Their Stories are Having in Their Communities.

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US News: How to Safely Conceive When a Partner Is Living With HIV

Today, for people living with HIV, treatment of the virus that causes AIDS with antiretroviral therapy allows individuals to live longer, healthier and fuller lives. Among mixed status, or serodifferent, couples – where one partner has HIV and the other does not – suppression of the virus also prevents transmission.
In fact, a recent CDC report published this month notes that three multinational studies following about 3,000 sexually active mixed status couples over many years – where the partner living with HIV was virologically suppressed by ART, and condoms weren’t used – found no cases of transmission of the virus to the partner who didn’t have HIV.

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AAHIVM: HIV & Conception

Confused by the CDC’s new MMWR? You are not alone. Experts say Treatment as Prevention (TasP), PrEP, and sperm washing are each safe stand-alone safer conception options. Thank you to AAHIVM for promoting science-based reproductive options! #HIVLoveWins #UequalsU

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Many know that digital tools have become indispensable for connecting with many audiences—but we also know that what’s available in the digital realm is always changing. So how do you know what tools are best for your purpose? And how do you plan for your organization’s digital future when the pace of change is so rapid? Recently, we asked colleagues what advice they would give for developing a digital media strategy.

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Teen Vogue: Women Are Helping Fight AIDS during the AIDS/LifeCycle

For Caroline Watson, it’s that fear and misinformation that’s spurring her ride. Caroline, who works at a nonprofit that focuses on advancing reproductive and sexual wellness for people with HIV, is riding for her friend, Ryan, who recently began taking medication to treat the illness.

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HuffPo: Transmasculinity: Sexual Health & HIV Prevention

The HIV justice movement has radical roots. Advocacy, activism and sexual rights birthed this movement that was once about how larger structural systems affect people’s lives and sometimes, lead to their death. Today, on the other hand, transphobia, misogyny, racism and anti-blackness are well and alive within the world of HIV treatment and prevention. This has resulted in marginalized communities (African Americans, Latinos, trans women, cis and trans men who have sex with men/MSM) experiencing high rates of HIV.

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HuffPo: Ending AIDS: Frameworks for Getting to Zero

Three existing initiatives, New York State’s End AIDS NY 2020, Washington State’s End AIDS Washington, and the City of San Francisco’s Getting to Zero SF, gathered in conversation to discuss similarities and differences in their approaches as well as spark dialogue with other jurisdictions contemplating their own initiatives. Here is some of what was discovered.

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HuffPo: Making PrEP Possible for Youth

“PrEP is something revolutionary for everyone, but essential for gay and bisexual youth; so many [young people] are exposed to STIs and HIV simply due to lack of information about PrEP. ‘A pill a day will keep HIV away’, I like to tell my friends.”

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HuffPo: Drumbeats, HIV and Walking Toward the Light

The focus group conversations gripped me. I could not sleep at night, wrestling with the stories of trauma, shame and guilt the men shared. As the stories rattled me and the focus group participants, a new narrative began to unfold: reclaiming an old story of HIV to creating a new horizon of possibility and hope.

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HuffPo: Making PrEP Possible for Women

Three-and-a-half years ago, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the HIV treatment drug Truvada as pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP for HIV prevention. It was a landmark moment in the decades-long effort to halt HIV transmission. This pill, when taken daily by an HIV-negative person, reduces the likelihood of acquiring HIV by more than 90 percent.

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KCBS In Depth: Healing

KCBS’ Jane McMillan talks with Dr. Deborah Cohan, obstetrician and gynecologist, who runs the UCSF Perinatal HIV Clinic and is Medical Director of HIVE, the Bay Area Perinatal AIDS Center at SF General.

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With PrEP from San Francisco

“We look at the scale-up of PrEP in San Francisco in the United States of America (USA), where comprehensive PrEP services are already changing lives and the shape of the epidemic.”

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