My name is Lady Eskimo and I am 34 years old. I grew up raised by my Grandmother who died at the age of 91, she was great . My mom was on drugs at that time. I was athletic until I got to high school. When I was a teenager, I started to notice boys. I Iost my virginity to a boy I thought I was going to be with forever. When we broke up, I turned to the fast life and eventually got started on drugs. I started to do sex work to get drugs.

I had eventually hit my bottom, where I had to get into treatment. At that time I had a beautiful healthy son. I completed a drug program, got my own place and was in a new relationship. I decided to get tested because my significant other and I wanted a baby. I found out that I was HIV-positive.

I was blessed: he loved me regardless of my status. We still wanted a baby. My nurse practitioner told us about PrEP, and we was happy and overwhelmed. My boo had side effects but I guided him through it and we both got through. My husband to this day is negative. To anyone who knows about love and support, you can be giving to anyone who believes. Have faith in a higher power, anything is possible.

So as time went by, my husband had caught a case and went to jail. I was so sad and scared; I went to all his court appointments. They sentenced him to jail for two years. My son was sad, too. I had to get a job. Day and night I prayed then I gave up and start using drugs again. My mom eventually got temporarily custody of my son. I was so sad and depressed. I continued to use drugs until my husband got out of jail.

By God’s grace he nursed me back to health. I eventually got custody of my son and I started going to church. My life began to change. God was perfecting a miracle. My husband started by taking PrEP ’cause I prayed for a little girl and that me and my lover would get married. And you know what? My prayers was answered. I got pregnant and had a baby girl vaginally. Even though my baby girl, whose name is Angel, had to get tested after I birthed her she came out negative. God is so good.

I love my kids, they bind together every day, chasing and yelling at them never stops. I suddenly realized that even though I am living with HIV, with support and a higher power, I will begin to heal. Anyone who is newly diagnosed, hold on tight, enjoy the ride, and don’t never give up.


Lady Eskimo lives in the East Bay with her husband and kids.



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