Sara Semelka, MPA, of AIDS Foundation of Chicago, and HIVE’s Shannon Weber talk about why YOU should give female condoms a chance. (Sara also demonstrates how to use one using a model vagina.)

Reasons to try female condoms (FC2s):

#1: Anyone can use them, they aren’t just for nontrans women. Power to the bottoms!

#2: They can spice up your sex life: there are rings involved, think of the possibilities!

#3: If you tried female condoms years ago, they have been majorly improved!

#4: Are you allergic or sensitive to latex? FC2s are latex free!

To learn what the female condom is, about successful roll-out, new products in the pipeline and why ?female condom? is actually a narrowly defining name, watch this video with Shannon Weber and Jessica Terlikowski.

Also watch this video on lessons learned from the Female Condom Coalition?s campaign as they relate to PrEP implementation for women.