52 Questions: FAQ

Welcome to 52 Questions, HIVE Director Shannon Weber’s creative exploration for 2018 – to answer one HIV and/or sexual health related question each week in video format. Every year HIVE answers hundreds of questions from patients, their partners and from providers. We are sharing some of those frequently asked questions with you. Have a question? Let us know. We’d love to answer it. Email contact@hiveonline.org.

What is U=U?

Does U=U apply to pregnancy?

Does U=U apply to breastfeeding?

Is it possible to safely breastfeed my baby?

Can men living with HIV have babies?

Can HIV pass from the dad to the baby?

What’s the safest way for a man living with HIV to have a baby?

Can you introduce me to a woman who wants to have a baby?

How does PrEP work?

Does PrEP use increase the rates of STIs?

How does PEP work?

When do I use PEP?

How do I ask my doctor about PrEP?

“I’m on PrEP. What about condoms?”

42-year-old woman asks, ‘How can I get pregnant with my husband who is living with HIV?'”

“My partners semen analysis came back. Not enough sperm. What’s next?”

What is the microbiome?


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