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Welcome to 52 Questions

Welcome to 52 Questions, HIVE Director Shannon Weber’s creative exploration for 2018 – to answer one HIV and/or sexual health related question each week in video format. Every year HIVE answers hundreds of questions from patients, their partners and from providers. We are sharing some of those frequently asked questions with you. Have a question? Let us know. We’d love to answer it. Email contact@hiveonline.org.

What is U=U?

Does U=U Apply to Pregnancy?

Does U=U Apply to Breastfeeding?

Is it possible to safely breastfeed my baby?

Can men living with HIV have a baby?

Can HIV pass from the dad to the baby?

What’s the safest way for a man living with HIV to have a baby?

Can you introduce me to a woman who wants to have a baby?

How does PrEP work?

Does PrEP use increase rates of STIs?

How does PEP work?

When do I use PEP?

How do I ask my doctor about PrEP?

I’m on PrEP, what about condoms?

42-year-old woman asks, “How can I get pregnant with my husband who is living with HIV?”

“My partner’s semen analysis came back. Not enough sperm. What’s next?”

How was the phrase U=U developed?

How is U=U the same or different from TasP?

How is U=U the same or different from TasP?

How is U=U different from the 2008 Swiss Statement?

Who does U=U belong to?

Who should know about U=U? What impact does U=U have?

How might HIV be present in my breastmilk when my viral load is undetectable?

How does U=U impact reproductive health?

What is reproductive justice?

What is undetectable?

If I am undetectable am I still HIV positive?

Can I get HIV from oral sex?

What is a viral divide? How do you implement biomedical prevention & not add to the viral divide?

What is the difference between TasP and U=U?

U=U in bed: Why did you create a diverse campaign?

What is the global gag rule? How does it impact our work?

When is the best time to disclose?

What have you learned from drawing hundreds of vulvas?

What is intersectionality? How does intersectionality show up in our work?

Can I be denied insurance coverage if I take PrEP?

Where do I get PEP? How do I pay for PEP?

How do I pay for PrEP?

I’m a gay MLHIV. I want to be a dad. What are my options?

Family Builders: Can people living with HIV adopt a child?

Is sperm washing necessary with PrEP & U=U?

What is tubal regret?

What is better? TasP or PrEP?

Is PrEP safe during pregnancy & breastfeeding?

Are methadone & buprenorphine safe in pregnancy?

What are human milk banks? How can they help women living with HIV?

What is sperm washing? How does it help men living with HIV have babies?

What is the cervical cap method? How do I choose a fertility method for me?

What are current considerations for ARV use in pregnancy?

What is donor sperm? How does donor sperm help PLHIV have babies?

Is there a magic cure for HIV? Is there an herbal cure for HIV?


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