These videos were made by Shannon Weber, HIVE Director, and star Doctors Stephanie Cohen, Medical Director at City Clinic, San Francisco’s Municipal STI Clinic, and Oliver Bacon, Co-Investigator and Site Study Medical Director for City Clinic’s PrEP Demo Project. For additional support around PrEP implementation, including one-on-one capacity buildling assistance, please contact the San Francisco Department of Public Health Capacity Buildling Assistance project.



In this first video, they role play an initial PrEP consultation for a young man who has sex with men.



Then, they role play a 3-month follow up visit.



In the third video, they switch roles and Dr. Cohen plays a woman being counseled for HIV prevention and PrEP.



This fourth video shows the doctors discussing Frequently Asked Questions of City Clinic about PrEP, including screening and HIV testing.



In this last one, the doctors discuss counseling patients before they receive PrEP.