Convincing Myself

We can finally be the family we wanted to be. There may be that little virus in our way, but at least it is controlled, and I know its possible to stay protected. I am now four months pregnant in a very healthy pregnancy. God has blessed us all!

Thankful for PrEP

A couple of weeks later, he advised me that his HIV test came up inconclusive-which he advised me is mostly likely a positive result. The news was like a shot in the head because I was caught in between two worlds- do I stay with my current husband or do I move on to my new life?

We Can’t Give Up

My husband and I had an appointment due to a referral from my medical provider. We were eager to go because San Francisco General has one of the best programs in place for people struggling with HIV and AIDS. My husband is HIV positive and I am HIV negative. I recently started PrEP using Truvada because we are trying to have a baby.

On My Path to Fatherhood

My journey will begin starting next year, when I start the adoption process and actively trying to find a surrogate that is HIV positive. I don’t know where this journey will take me, and honestly I am still fearful, but I believe in facing fears head on and not cowering away from them.