A&U: PrEP Champions

In a Rare Series of Candid Conversations, Three Women of Color Open Up About Their Decisions to Take PrEP, the Challenges They Faced Along the Way, and the Impact Their Stories are Having in Their Communities.

US News: How to Safely Conceive When a Partner Is Living With HIV

Today, for people living with HIV, treatment of the virus that causes AIDS with antiretroviral therapy allows individuals to live longer, healthier and fuller lives. Among mixed status, or serodifferent, couples ? where one partner has HIV and the other does not ? suppression of the virus also prevents transmission.
In fact, a recent CDC report published this month notes that three multinational studies following about 3,000 sexually active mixed status couples over many years ? where the partner living with HIV was virologically suppressed by ART, and condoms weren?t used ? found no cases of transmission of the virus to the partner who didn?t have HIV.