Youth Reporter at AIDS 2016: Why Adolescents Can?t be Ignored

Before the fishbowl, I was thoroughly enjoying how informative the session was. But when someone starts speaking on behalf adolescents and saying we can?t be trusted to make decisions about our own bodies? Well, needless to say, I got mad. I was shaking I was so mad, and that made taking notes very very difficult.

Youth Reporter at #AIDS2016: At the Intersection of Reproductive Empowerment and Ending HIV Transmission: Expanding Safer Conception Options

On Tuesday afternoon, members of GlobalSHARE, a global community for sex, HIV, and reproductive empowerment, two Johannesburg youth and I participated in a panel about safer conception for sero-discordant couples, PrEP use during conception and pregnancy, and how to engage youth in the conversation about reproductive empowerment.