Damon L. Jacobs, MFT, founder of PrEP Facts, sits down with Dr. Robert Grant, MPH, to talk PrEP. They discuss how PrEP is finally getting “out there,” the rising rate of other STIs and whether that can be attributed to PrEP, and many other things, including the risk of HIV acquisition while on PrEP.

Damon asks Dr. Bob,

“To the best of your knowledge, have there ever been, in any research trials, or PrEP demonstration projects, where adherence is measured by dry blood spotting, have you heard of any seroconversions [someone acquiring HIV]?”

Dr. Bob replied with the wonderful news,

“No. We have not seen anyone become HIV infected with drug levels indicating four or more tablets per week in gay or bisexual men. Among women, we haven’t seen seroconversions… who had drug levels indicating six or seven tablets per week.”