Beyond Compassion:

Caring for Women with a History of Trauma

The impact of violence against women, particularly women living with HIV, is magnified through the lens of women’s reproductive health. Addressing trauma is necessary to support women living with and affected by HIV. What does it look like to champion resilience and believe in healing? We invite you to join us in becoming a trauma-responsive and resiliency oriented community. There is always a source of light.

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On Life’s Terms: Mothers in Recovery

Film description: “Driven by the desire for custody of their children, five mothers struggle to overcome substance use disorders in a gender-responsive treatment program. Their intimate story reveals experiences with domestic violence, [sex work], incarceration and complex intergenerational relations. On Life’s Terms: Mothers in Recovery interweaves the women’s three-year journey to self-sufficiency and newfound pride with drug laws that impact mother and child, and will inspire hope for recovery.”

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Beyond Compassion: Caring for Women with a History of Trauma

Twelve locally and nationally esteemed speakers shared their expertise in their respective fields, presenting on topics including: trauma-informed care for women; disclosure, criminalization and stigma for women living with HIV; reducing anxiety and pain during gynecological exams; and healing rituals and practices for service providers.

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