Women Of Color Speak Out Against The Whitewashing Of Reproductive Justice

Recently, the New York Times published a feature about the racial and generational divide in the reproductive health and justice movements. The article focused on the ways in which Black and Brown women and non-binary people are excluded from prevailing narratives around the fight to protect Roe, while ignoring the very urgent and intersecting issues that affect their lives. I was one of the women interviewed and, after the piece was published, I found that much of the backlash was defensive; many people painted me and the young women of color interviewed as out of touch with the feminist movement, instead of embracing the opportunity in intersectional approaches.

The Asian American Reply to Pandemic-Era Racism Must Be Cross-Racial Solidarity

Violence against Asian Americans and Asian immigrants has surged in response to COVID-19. Anti-Chinese rhetoric and racist misinformation spews from the top leaders of the U.S. as Asian communities are vilified as scapegoats for Trump?s ?Chinese virus.? Racial health inequities, leading to disproportionate deaths in communities of color, intensify with each passing day. All of this is occurring amid a backdrop of pre-existing structurally racist policies fueling and deepening public health crises, including the state-sanctioned police violence which continues to terrorize and Black lives every day, with the recent examples being the murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd.

Patient/Provider Dynamics: Experience from Both Sides

My name is Brianne ?Brie like the cheese? Taylor and I am a mother of one and passionate about the health and wellbeing of pregnant mothers. I love supporting women in birth. I want to live in a world filled with equality and love, books that come bundled with extra dark chocolate, and a force field around my keyboard that repels trans fats and sticky-fingered toddlers. I am currently a Program Manager for University of California Preterm Birth Initiative and I have over 29 years of experience being a rock star Black woman. I am a mom who simply wants to affect change in our world.