My name is Charlly Moore and I’m a BBW adult film star. I also spend a lot of my time and resources trying to find a solution for homelessness. I don’t have many friends that I would consider close, but out of the ones I do, they would say that I am a very cool person and a good person to know. I also enjoy medicating with medical marijuana.

When I was growing up, I learned about the swinger lifestyle from my parents. This, in turn, encouraged me to act very promiscuously and unsafe thereafter. When I turned 18 years old, and finally became legal, I entered into the adult entertainment industry and started working as a fully nude stripper in Las Vegas, Nevada. I wasn’t old enough to work at a topless strip bar because they sold alcohol and the fully nude bars didn’t.

From stripping, I went on to work in an adult-themed store, started adult nude modeling, phone sex, escorting, and even webcamming.? I also identified and accepted myself as a sex addict. Unfortunately, I wasn’t being very safe with my addiction. I have used some recreational drugs, met with people anonymously that I was attracted to online, on the street, on the bus, and at swingers’ parties.

I like having sex a lot because it’s good for you, burns a lot of calories, you can make money with it, and it’s free to do. I didn’t used to care where, when, if we were safe, or if we used condoms. As long as I got mine.

I started getting tested regularly, or as much as I could, considering my insurance only covers one STI test per year. I went to “free” clinics, but they expect a donation (which I really don’t have) and got on birth control. But wished I could do more for myself than trusting these guys to wear a condom all the way through our sexual experiences together. Then a very wise friend started talking to me about taking PrEP.

She said if I took PrEP daily, as directed, it would help prevent me from contracting HIV.

I now take PrEP every day for my sexual health. I’m safer with my sex practices now than I was before I started using PrEP. I like to help spread the word because I feel that getting on PrEP saved my life.

Charlly Moore is a BBW adult film star. She lives in Southern California.


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As PrEP training and implementation roll out across the U.S., we are wondering how the 468,000 women who may benefit from PrEP are finding out about this new HIV prevention method, what they think about it, and what barriers remain. Applause for clinics who are routinely offering PrEP to women, including trans women. And applause for women who are thinking about what PrEP might be to them.

We are on a journey, learning and growing together. Want to share your #WheresMyPrEP story??Looking for a platform for your voice? Interested in helping others by sharing your story? We can work with you if you prefer to be anonymous. No professional writing skills necessary. Contact

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