Trigger warning: this video includes stories of trauma, rape, intimate partner violence, and institutional violence, which may trigger intense emotional responses. Please take care of yourself if you decide to watch.

This hour-long video tells the story of three women who are national leaders: Ms. Naina Khanna (Executive Director of Positive Women’s Network-USA), Ms. Gina Brown (Coordinator at New Orleans Regional AIDS Planning Council), and Ms. Linda Scruggs (Director of Ribbon Consulting Group).

Moderator Yamini Oseguera-Bhatnagar (HIVE?s POWER Health Coordinator) asks the three panelists to tell the audience about their lives, and how they came to be the women they are today.

Panelists describe their experiences with HIV diagnosis, disclosure, interactions with trauma-inducing and trauma-reducing healthcare providers, HIV and pregnancy, advocacy work, successful careers, and healing processes.

On disclosing her HIV status to her community, Ms. Gina Brown says, ?I didn?t do it to be famous; I did it because I was tired of seeing people who look like me get a diagnosis. I was tired of seeing women who look like me saying, ?I didn?t know I could get it??.

Silvi Alcivar, owner and poet of the Poetry Store, shares a poem that she wrote in-the-moment to synthesize the presentation. To watch Silvi?s poetry recital, skip to 58:10.

This video is part of a series of recordings from HIVE?s trauma symposium, ?Beyond Compassion: Caring for Women with a History of Trauma.?



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