From Lev (Elena’s husband)-

I want to add a small message of my own personal gratitude to the people of HIVE and Ward 86. They deal with some of the most complicated human problems on the daily basis. They are experienced professionals and are very good at what they do – that was why Elena and I chose the General Hospital for her treatment to start with. Little did we know just how warm, caring, and loving they were going to be to us. It is rare that one goes to a medical appointment feeling like visiting a loved relative, but that certainly became the case for us. Many, many warm thanks to Dr. Koss, Dr. Hahn, and Dr. Cohan, and a special one to our wonderful social worker Rebecca Schwartz!

On a separate note, I want to thank the Labor and Delivery personnel. Our son?s birth was a bit slow-going, took 36 hours in labor so we got to meet several shifts of doctors and nurses. They were all calm, effective, encouraging, and most important, genuinely nice to us. They appreciated our desire to have the most natural birth, and worked with us to make it possible and successful.

Thank you, all!


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