Love Notes on display at Beyond Compassion.



On a warm, sunny day in May 2016, 50 HIVE stakeholders ? some decades-long colleagues, others new acquaintances – from agencies across San Francisco gathered at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center (ZSFG) with the intention of learning more about how intimate partner violence (IPV) and trauma impact the lives of women. Attendees represented ZSFG Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences; Ward 86 Positive Health Program; Hospital Administration; Sojourn Chaplaincy; UCSF; San Francisco Department of Public Health; and community-based organizations serving women. HIVE brought this group together in an intimate format to further develop the system of trauma-responsive care provided to HIVE clients across the healthcare continuum, and over the course of their lives.

Twelve locally and nationally esteemed speakers shared expertise from their respective fields, presenting on topics including: trauma-informed care for women; disclosure, criminalization and stigma for women living with HIV; reducing anxiety and pain during gynecological exams; and healing rituals and practices for service providers. Click here for the symposium agenda and speaker bios. After each session, Silvi Alcivar, owner and poet of the Poetry Store, shared a poem which she wrote in the moment to synthesize the presentation. Her words stirred emotions buried within, touching the heart and the soul.

Sessions unearthed deep feelings, challenged underlying implicit biases, filled knowledge gaps, and inspired more trauma-responsive, resiliency-based, compassionate care.

One participant said about the symposium, ?It has rattled something loose in me and I hope to be able to harness it for the future.?

To conclude the day, Linda Scruggs, a national leader and advocate in the field of HIV led the group in a commitment to change exercise. Ms. Scruggs harnessed the swirling ball of kinetic energy in the room into steady streams of forward-propelling action.

Another participant shared this: ?My eyes feel so much more open. I believe I will notice much more and appreciate so much more about the lives of our patients.?

The Poetry Store

?Silvi felt like the emotional glue to our day?.

Silvi Alcivar, owner and poet of the Poetry Store, recited a poem following each presentation as well as a poem summarizing the entire day. Click here to read all poems from the day.

beyond compassion

the gates call you

to move forward,

to pass through thresholds

that make you able to sustain you,

the work,

that make you able to sit in service,

to model dignity,

to recognize trauma,

to take care of community,


to live your intellect through your heart

and be wise.


the wise one asks:

what?s the beauty of what we attract?

what?s the beauty asking me to heal?


the wise one remembers the breath.

the wise one drinks the waters of nourishment and release.

the wise one works with the shadow knowing the shadow means

there?s always a source of light.


the wise one asks:

what are you teaching me?

what isn?t being seen, held?


oh, the gates call you, wise ones,

to move forward, to attend

to what needs attending, what wants attention

in ourselves and our inheritance.


call in your support. breathe.

honor the spaces between.

hold intention. clear. release.


put on your golden cape.

heal. and be healed.


Videos & Slides

Becoming a trauma-responsive, resiliency-based organization cannot be accomplished in a day. Our hope is that by recording each of the Beyond Compassion sessions, you will view, learn, and pass it on. Below are links to each of the recorded sessions.

Welcome & Opening Comments

Trauma among Women Living with HIV: Understanding its Rates & Impact

Trauma-Informed Care: Collaborating to Enhance Safety & Healing

Violence, Trauma and Healing: A Conversation with Women Living with HIV

Trauma Resources in San Francisco

Disclosure, Criminalization & Stigma for Women Living with HIV

A Shift in Practice: Screening Patients for Intimate Partner Violence

Caring for Survivors: Reducing Anxiety & Pain during Gynecological Exams & Procedures

Rite to Heal: An Inquiry into the Rituals & Practices that Invite Us to Make Meaning and Deepen Our Purpose as Service Providers

Healing the Healer: ?Committing to Change? Action Plans

The Caping of Gina Brown

We share these videos with the intention that our learnings can be disseminated far and wide to improve the lives of all women.?Check out our Huffington Post piece on resiliency and healing. Tag #BeyondCompassion when you share online.

May Resilience & Recovery Be Yours,

Shannon Weber, Amanda Newstetter, Karishma Oza & Team HIVE